Dr. Ellsworth Wareham was born October 3, 1914 and can be found today in Loma Linda, California, a registered blue zone. He has spent his life as a cardiothoracic surgeon. He knew around the age of 19 or 20 that he wanted to be a doctor. His father was a peanut farmer so going into that profession was a big change but by working through his summers he was able to put himself through med school. In his career in medicine he has seen many advancements in technology. He has said that the greatest medical advancement he has seen in his lifetime would have to be the introduction of antibiotics. He decided that it was finally time for him to officially retire and stop working at the ripe age of 95. At 75 he did a partial retirement, but stayed assisting until 95. He always wanted what was best for his patients and he understood that with long surgeries it is important for a surgeon to have some reserve strength available. All of this is not to say that Dr. Wareham is not still going strong. He still drives, walks without assistance, regularly climbs the stairs in his two story house, does chores around the house, and gardens about 10 hours a week. He is regularly described as robust.

When asked if he believes that with age comes wisdom he is quick to laugh and say that he doesn’t believe that is very scientific. However, he is quick to talk about his lifestyle and how it has given him the longevity that he is enjoying. Dr. Wareham is a vegan. He says that he never had a strong like for animal products so making the switch was easy for him. He also is quick to point out that taste buds can be acquired so that if eating healthy is not your favorite but you are willing to eat that way for three months your tastes will change and you will like what you are eating. Eating this way is a good way to lower your cholesterol and if your cholesterol is below 150 then your risk of heart disease decreases drastically. Dr. Wareham’s cholesterol is 117. He is also a Seventh Day Adventist and believes that his faith has helped him significantly. He knows that the intellectual side of life is important but one must also focus on the spiritual side. He says that he does not focus on things that he cannot fix and does not let stress affect him. He has built in exercise into his day and enjoys time with friends and like minded people. Dr. Wareham continues to live a full and happy life with his wife and family by his side. Hopefully some of this advice helps you as you look at your health and plan for longevity.