Memory is a powerful thing. There are those in the world who have a photographic memory and can recall everything they have heard and seen. And there there are the rest of us. And even if you have a decent memory we all have those moments where we forget where we put our wallet, misplaced our keys or thought “but I just saw it….”. But as we age there can be more frequent moments of trying to remember why we went to the grocery store or where we parked the car. But don’t jump to any conclusions here, this is not the onset of dementia. This is just a normal process with aging and there are many things you can do to help improve your memory.

• Move more – physical activities such as walking, swimming and general exercise can help boost and maintain your brain function

• Spend time with friends and family – As you participate in a social context you brain is working and it can increase your function as well as improve your mood.

• Train your brain – Use certain tips and tricks to help you remember certain details or facts. School children has been using Roy G. Biv to help remember their color spectrum, find what works best for you.

• Have your eyes and ears checked – It is very hard to learn new things and recall them if you cannot see well or cannot hear. If you need aids to help with these make sure you are wearing current prescriptions to help you.

• Avoid distractions – multitasking or being preoccupied can keep your brain from focusing on the task at hand and can contribute to short term memory loss.

• Laugh – New studies are showing a correlation between laughter and memory. Watching up to 20 minutes of funny television or laughing with friends can effectively lower the stress hormone, cortisol. Lower stress and a releasing of more dopamin allows your brain to function better and creates a state more conducive for learning new things.